Security and Firefox

Security and Firefox
Security and Firefox are a compatible pair with aspirations of staying together forever, and so far, it seems they’re on the right track.

Safe and Sound
When you’re surfing the Web, you shouldn’t be worrying about some pimply hacker trying to get into your computer’s proverbial pants. Instead, you should be wondering where to find another nude picture of Angelina Jolie. Thankfully, **Firefox** why-use-firefox.html is on the case.

Here’s what they do (for FREE) for their users:

  • They have a nifty security blog – This way, you can find out about security      troubles and interact with others to find solutions.
  • They offer security advisories – These help you determine whether or not you should install a certain product.
  • Firefox’s blog – This blog helps you learn about all of the new releases and updates you should install for maximum security.

And they will tell you when you need to update instead of letting that responsibility be on your shoulders. You’ll just get notified you need to install something, you will install it, then you restart Firefox and all is set. That’s it.

Keep It Clean
With Firefox, you can also keep your surfing habits protected with the ability to clear out any of your cookies, cache, or other stored information before someone else uses your computer. If you use that security feature along with the Tor add on, you can surf under the radar, if you like. We won’t tell either.

The many advantages of Firefox make it the preferred choice for those who love to surf the Web. Safe and secure, can’t really ask for more.



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