What are Firefox Add Ons?

What are Firefox Add Ons?
What are Firefox add ons? These are programs and applications that make Firefox personalized for you, the way it should be.

Add On More and More…
When you want more out of your web browser, you want this personalization to be simple. But Internet Explorer would much rather crash on you than do anything your way. That’s why Firefox is clearly the superior being . You can add on any number of add ons (hence the name) whenever you want and enjoy the way they make your browser your own.

Everything from security add ons to weather programs to help you decide whether or not to go to the beach, Firefox has everything you might want. And you can add it to your web browser so it’s always in easy reach. Want to convert dollars into Yen? There’s an add on for that (wait, do you think Apple will care about me using their advertising gimmick? Is there an app for that?).

Here are some examples of fun Firefox add ons:

  • Pixlr Grabber
  • FoxClocks
  • TorButton

Take Em Away
While adding add ons (that’s hard to say) is always fun with Firefox , you begin to realize that you don’t need to count the toe on a camel all that often after a while. So, Firefox makes it easy to remove the add ons or to disable them if you find they aren’t working out for you. Talk about a simple process.

Really, you would think that this is a process that’s so simple, even a Microsoft employee can do it. Too far?

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