Why Use Firefox Over Internet Explorer?

 Why Use Firefox Over Internet Explorer?

When using the internet connection is everything, regardless of what kind of browser you are using, without a decent connection from a wireless router, a satellite provider, or broadband network, browsers could never be competitively compared. However, once a steady connection is established through someone like your best best at a decent browser is FireFox. With an array of plug-ins, reliable search engines, and prompt loading time, FireFox can’t be beat.

Why Use Firefox Over Internet Explorer?
Why use Firefox over Internet Explorer? If you know what’s good for you and for your computer, you just will.

Many Reasons to Use Firefox
If you ask any person with a brain whether they would choose Firefox over Internet Explorer, you would hear a resounding ‘yes’ from them. It’s just common sense, okay? While Internet Explorer comes with every Microsoft computer made, that doesn’t mean it’s any good. At all. In fact, time and time again, people remove IE from their computers and install the FREE Firefox browser. There are so many reasons to use Firefox and ditch Internet Explorer that you might not have time to read them all, but try. Try.

Lots for the User to Enjoy
With a lot of easy to use add ons and many updates, Firefox is really the easy choice. While it can’t help you clean up the kitchen (yet), this internet browser works like a dream to quickly load up pages. Installation takes only a few minutes with a high speed connection, but even dial up users have an easier time using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. The security is much stronger on Firefox so your information stays secure, even when you do something stupid like browse a site that’s a little shifty. You will find that you’re not getting all of those crappy pop ups either. With regular updates, the security stays in tact, without much work on your end, always a bonus.

Less for the User to Hate

Let’s face it – the one thing that sucks about Internet Explorer is the fact that it crashes all the time. Firefox does not. The many, many bugs in Internet Explorer make it a problem child, even when it’s running well. Websites don’t load, they don’t load right, etc. And while IE does do updates, they don’t always work. You don’t have problems with downloads when you use Firefox – they easily load and you can watch the progress as they happen. When something does go wrong, you can easily go to a Firefox support board to find the answer. Since the software is open source, thousands of people can be working on a problem when it comes up on Firefox, as opposed to the one person who seems to be working the help desk at Microsoft.


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